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Committed to Making a Difference

We aim to offer each young person placed with Oaktree Support Services, a safe, stable and supportive environment that will bring some stability to their life. Where each young person is able to develop, equipping them with the skills to make responsible choices and cope well as individual citizens.  We aim to treat each young person as an individual with a variety of individual needs that are addressed in a positive and progressive manner as part of a clearly defined pathway plan..


Our purpose at Oaktree Support Services, is to provide a high standard of accommodation and supportive environment for residents aged 16-25 years. We will ensure young people are are able to develop and maintain respect, self-reliance and self-care skills and enable them to make informed, age-appropriate decisions, concerning their present and future, so they can achieve a successful transition into independence and adulthood.

The young people we accommodate and support have varying needs which may include;

  • Mental health
  • Learning disabilities

  • Self-harming behaviours

  • Autistic spectrum disorder

  • Challenging behaviours

  • Attachment disorders


We believe our service to be industry leading. Our staff will work hard to lead the young people towards reaching their full potential and prepare them for the responsibilities of future citizenship. We are committed to going the extra mile for our young people and empowering them to lead independent lives.

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